GeckoTech engineers have application experience that spans the spectrum of controls engineering

Batch Control - Our batch experience includes manual, semiautomatic, and fully automatic batching systems. We are familiar with load cells, flow meters, gauge tanks, manual preweigh additions, and loss-in-weight feeders.

Our engineers have developed batches in the dry laundry, hair care, liquid detergents, candy, and beverage industries.

Continuous Process Control - We have controlled continuous processes in the consumer goods and foods industries. We successfully apply control valves, AC and DC Drives, Air Dampers and other common devices and actuators in open and closed loop scenarios.

GeckoTech pays close attention to the design and execution of PID loops. We have excellent experience and success in managing PID loops in PLCs.

GeckoTech understands that a properly tuned PID loop saves materials and energy and reduces losses. We utilize Entech tools and RSTune to properly tune loops and maintain loop health.

High Speed Machine Control - Years of experience in the baby diaper, feminine protection, and tissue/towel industries have positioned us to solve your high speed machine control challenge.

Whether you are controlling tension in a web, position of a product feature, registration of printing, or residence time in a bath, GeckoTech has the experience necessary to develop a fast and reliable solution.

Packaging - GeckoTech has experience with a diverse group of packaging materials and types. Packaging experience includes baby diapers, feminine pads, orange juice, shampoo and conditioners, toothpaste, tissue and towel, roll-on and stick deodorants, pharmaceuticals, candy, and dry laundry.


Application Experience

Batch Processing

Continuous Processing

Blending /Mixing

Web Handling


Machine Control


Spray Drying

Waste/Potable/DI Water

Dust Control

Tank Farms

CIP Systems


Recipe Management

Data Collection

Weigh Systems

Bulk Material Handling

Web Splicing


Liquids Metering












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