The Engineers at GeckoTech have experience in executing whole system jobs. We take responsibility for all activities and deliverables for the controls portion of your project.

Control Strategy

GeckoTech understands that finding the right level of automation for your operation is a complex business decision with long term benefits and costs. That is why we like to work up front with your engineers and operations personnel to fully understand your process and manufacturing systems. This allows us to provide flexible and scalable systems that meet the needs of operators, engineers, and business managers.

Controls Engineering

PLC / HMI architecture, actuator specifications, instrument specifications, connection diagrams, loop diagrams, IO layouts, IO lists, Motor Control Centers. GeckoTech engineers have experience designing all of these components into a control system that delivers the safety, quality, rate, and cost you require.

Application Software

GeckoTech understands your frustration with old-style design and contract firms who maintain separate groups of engineers for controls design and software. We know that real system integration requires a full understanding of the process, hardware, and software components.

Our design leaders typically author the software for PLC, HMI, batch managers, and other applications. They have many years of hands on experience in design, software, and startup.

GeckoTech's modular and functional programming style keeps programs streamlined and organized. This reduces overall memory and processor requirements and makes the software more accessible to plant technicians.

GeckoTech believes that operators need HMI in local language. So our WonderWare or RSView applications are built for dynamic "on the fly" language exchange. This allows foreign engineers and local operators to work closely together and reduces misunderstandings and mistakes that might lead to defects or downtime.

Panel Design and Fabrication

GeckoTech takes a modular approach to panel design. We try to match panels with product functions or features. This minimizes throwaway and rework as you upgrade and renew your product.

GeckoTech's leadership grew up in factories managing maintenance organizations. So our panels are designed with maintenance and accessibility in mind.

Let GeckoTech construct your panels right here in Asia. With partnerships in most Asian countries we can build to NEMA and IEC standards while minimizing import duties and maximizing the value of local labor.

Factory Acceptance Testing

All GeckoTech applications are built with simulation. It is inherent in our design. This allows us to shakedown your process offline with process engineers and operators, before you take downtime or commit raw materials.

A fully simulated application also provides a valuable training tool that may be used prior to startup and for on-boarding new hires after your process is on-line.

Construction and Startup Support-

GeckoTech engineers are highly experienced in electrical construction techniques, pre-startup inspections, and dynamic testing. But most importantly, we have managed construction in most countries in Asia. We will help you avoid the common pitfalls and frustrations. We can provide design interpretation to your local construction organization and insure that the quality of construction will meet your requirements.












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